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hiyiyiyiyi [Feb. 25th, 2005|08:52 pm]
[Current Mood |rejuvenatedme]
[Current Music |Human Drama: Lonely]

well well well i haven't updated lately because i have been wordless and thoughtless at the moment, anyways today i went to school yeah for me but i like going to law enforcement because we can cuss drink soda watch movies and just riot all the time its greatness, well after school i went home and amanda called asked if i wanted to hang out and i said YEAH!!!! we went to Buddy la Fluers for dinner, then to hastings as always (greatness) then we went to Fred Myer's where i got my projekt: gothic cd which is a various artiest cd with darkwave and ethereal music on it... we also went to our foresaken mall of doom surprisingly there wasn't that many people there which is a good thing because i pretty much hate most of the people who live in this valley... muhahahhahaha... we then drove to the cementary up by the new junior high whatever its called and drove around it yeah yeah ghosts and zombies... well right now i am at manda's updating my journal listening to Human Drama... anyways when i do think of more to say i will so later everyone