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asses of fire [Mar. 18th, 2005|10:03 pm]
[Current Mood |crappycrappy]
[Current Music |Horror Pops-Julia]

well well well here i am again, wordless and thoughtless.... mmmm drawing a blank... well i will start off with that my mom has finally put our house up for sale which is going to be crazy because i have to live out of boxes here soon in case the house sells so we can move out... i am going to be a hobo for a while ahhhhh.... today me and amanda went up to peshastin to the cementaries which was cool, crazie graves, we then went to the cashmere bakery mmmm the best sugar cookies ever.... we then went to the wenatchee cementary and two guys were putting in a new dead body yeah... LOL... from there we went to target didn't find anything then to hastings still didn't find anything, then to Fred Myer still didn't find anything, then we went to our retarded mall and i found something a cd i have been looking for and wanting the Kasabian cd greatness then to hot topic i didn't find anything there that store kinda makes me sad we came back to amandas chilled for a second then went to Buddy La Fluers for dinner but we got it to go and went to the east wenatchee cementary and looked at graves, then came back to amandas then went to Hollywood video to check out movies and rentd ONE HELL OF A CHRISTMAS which is the best horror movie i have seen ever and also rented the SHADOWS OF A VAMPIRE which i am going watch after i am done talking here which i am now sooo bye adios see ya later go away peace out

From: a_winters_tale9
2005-03-20 07:30 am (UTC)

suger kookies f-in rule

it was pretty much the best movie ever made....poor hollywood you ruined there bathroom....lol just kidding...ahhhhhh.....that cd is pretty good .......shadow of the vampire was fucking crazy...woo wooo cemetairies are fun.....thoes guys probley thought we were crazy...we should have asked if they needed help lol..n-e-ways...i'll talk to you later bia
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