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weekend of terror - Let it Bleed [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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weekend of terror [Jan. 30th, 2005|06:17 pm]
[Current Mood |complacentyea]
[Current Music |I AM THE DOOR- Days of Fire]

this weekend was crazy as always, on friday amanda came over to my house and we went to pizza slut, then to hollywood where we rented mallrats, orange county,run lola run, and boys dont cry, they all were good movies ahhh. then on saturday i went to amandas house and we went to goodwill where i got a marcy playground cd (awesome) then we went to the salvation army they didn'y have anything of interest except for a mcdonalds t-shirt with the purple dude on it it was funny, then we went to Buddy's to eat it was good except the service sucked it took like an hour to get my drink... Bitches... then we went to amandas house and rocked out and wrote bad stuff on amandas car and her mom got upset then i wrote on her moms car and it was funny but not to her so we had to erase it (great times) then we watched the original Night of The Living Dead (awesomeness) then we rioted some more, then after her mom went to slept we sorta of snuck out of the house and did a magiver in the drive-way by not turning on the car and just backing out of the drive-way without the brakes it was sweet... we got some ice cream at DQ then drove around the cementary and drove to Fooses house and chated then when it got late we left and went back mandas and just chilled watched some tom green and then fell asleep oh but before that amanda told this funny story about her going to universal studios and going on the backdraft ride this really was a great story sooo much soo that i could not stop laughing so then i went to the bathroom and when i came out i didnt see her so she jumped out at me and scared me so yeah it was crazy then i made fun of her little universal studios story LOL.... anyways then today after she dropped me off this morning i went up to leavenworth to help babysit my cousins and thats about it yeah!!!! so anyways peace out and chill
-the headmaster

From: freakonnaleash
2005-02-01 01:14 am (UTC)
ahhhhhhhh we dont have any classes together oh the horror, what are u taking 5th period im gonna get a new 5th so let me know, im totally messing with that chris guys head muahahahaha
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