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Best Weekend Ever - Let it Bleed [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Best Weekend Ever [Mar. 27th, 2005|12:09 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |To The End-My Chemical Romance]

Update on my weekend adventure, on friday in the morning i went and picked up tasha then we went to safeway and the safeway gas station then we were on our way to Everett which was nice it didn't rain or anything and it was a nice drive to Everett, but when we got to Everett we had to find our hotel to check into but it wasnt hard because the driving directions i printed off never lie.... so after we checked in and unloaded everthing we went to the Everett Events Center and purchased our TASTE OF CHAOS concert tickets (YAY)!!! Then we walked around a bit but Everett is pretty much like Wenatchee and East Wenatchee and there is not much to do there but it was still fun... So then we want to Jack in The Box (which i haven't been to one of those in a long ass time) and had lunch/dinner and we went back to the hotel... Got bored so we took a walk up the street but there was nothing except gas stations and a roller rink which was awesome... I want to go there and roller blade..LOL... anyways so when we got back to the hotel we watched some t.v. it was funny because one of the shows we watched was like this queer eye for the straight guy type of show and they guy freaked when they picked him a pink shirt (you would have had to seen it) his expression was funny... I then decided to order some pizza from the place right next door... When we went to go pick it up the guy like freaked out and opened our pizza box and said "This looks good".. Like he never seen a pizza before it was crazy... So then we went back to the hotel and watched some t.v. there was this hilarious show on MTV2 i don't know what its called but after that and Red Dragon (a sequel to silence of the lambs) i went to bed... When I woke up it was Saturday DUM DUM DUM the best day eva... Concert day... Our check out time was 11:00 am so we had plenty of time to wait in line for the concert 6 hours to wait for the doors to open and another 2 hours to wait inside for the concert to start... When we got to the Everett Events Center it was us and a few other people waiting in line but as timed rolled on more and more people came it was getting crazy and was raining which sucked because we had to wait in the rain... And people were getting crazy and there was Gerard and Bert wannabes... then security had to be bitches and made everyone leave the covered area and wait on the steps and when it came time to go in they did like pat down body shirts, wouldn't allow studded belts or bracelets, and checked bags and made the boys and girls get in separate lines but that was ok safety first, so when we got in we rushed to the floor so we could get front row, we did.. So we sat down on the floor a while then as soon as this local band started to play everyone got up and rushed to the front it was crazy, some of the opening local bands were pretty good but when Underoath started to play things got crazy i was pushed up against the barrier getting crushed but i was not going to move i dont care if i died i was not going to move until i seen My Chemical Romance... the crowd got worse and worse when Killswitch Engage played and Senses Fail, when my chemical romance came on we got pushed to the side and my camera i guess died on me(saddness but i still got some pics) but i still could see gerard which was awesome and they put on a good show and sounded good live, but the crowd went really crazy when The Used played people were shoving and pushing and everything but it was all good i held out... then for the grande fanaly bert and gerard did a song together "Under Pressure" the david bowie song it was great they were dancing and it was cute... When it was over we went to go check out the merch, i seen a jacket i wanted it was the Used jacket it was nice and after their performance i bacame a fan and was impressed, then we hoped in my white car and got a little lost because i couldn't find Highway 2 that i was supposed to be on but i found it then on the pass it was snowing and i was driving like hella slow like 30 mph while like 3 cars passed me then i stopped at the rest area and took a nap because i was tired and sore then i drove home dropped tasha off then went home and arrived at about 4 am in the morning then i passed out on my bed and i am here now going to be with family for easter sooo peace out.... and yeah....

From: mixtape_murder
2005-04-03 09:21 pm (UTC)


it was quite the adventure:
that was amazing I had sooo much fun lol....
ahahahah I love that show it was great with the angry puppets and the singing, and the hobos!
haha and that one chick hates life forever now...
I bet she'll never go to another concert again
we should totally go do that again sometime
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